Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Personal introduction as a new member

Hi everybody. For those that don't me, I'm Leonard^Bloom, here and on (I have SUL though). (Also, for two posts on the, my nick was jjj; currently Leonard^Bloom). I specialize in international politics and civil issues. I don't really keep up with election business and such; I prefer watching the world "go down in flames" through an international lense. For most issues, I'm a liberal democrat, but I don't really approve of partisan politics, so don't hold me to a label. I'm a pascifist, humantarian, and civil rights activist (that's the jist of it).

In order to not bore anyone, I pose a question:

"Has the U.N. failed at its goal?"

Feel free to define goal as whatever you wish, but be sure to back it up.


Diligent Terrier said...

I think the United Nations should just be dissolved.

RC-0722 said...

In a word, yes.