Saturday, July 26, 2008

New blogger, and our ecomnomy.

Hey I'm Chetblong, an admin from the English Wikipedia. I consider myself a republican conservative, yet in some things I lean to the middle. I hope to write an entry here soon, but for now just two questions:

What do you think about our economy right now? Which candidate do you think will help solve the crisis, and why?


Leonard^Bloom said...

This seems like an impossibly broad question a blog post, and I, personally, see no way to answer it in a comment. I'll try though.

My current opinion is that the economy is pretty close to being in the dumps right now, and it's gonna take quite a bit more than a candidate and a "progressive" idea to change it. This is not say that there is good idea and a better one, but both Barrack and McCain both have ideas that, if combined, could certainly help. This is a reason why I disagree with partisan politics: they put competition and mud racking ahead of good ideas and policies. Of course, on an individual level, I agree more with Obama's idea: from the ground up, start supplying. My only complaint is that he should not of pulled out of the NAFTA agreement; we need trade, and why sneak out of it, just because out interest aren't 100% settled? We might as supply revolutionaries and dictatorships in Latin America if we want interest kept up.

gtn said...

Economy: worse than it was, better than most, on the upswing.

Candidate: McCain.

Reason: Closer to Free Trade stance.

Something Else: Welcome to the blog!