Wednesday, August 27, 2008

DNC in Denver, McCain's VP

Two issues: DNC in Denver and McCain's choice for VP.

As DNC is going on in Denver, what is your impression about it? How much the opinion polls will be influenced by the convention?

Does anyone have any news or rumors on McCain's choice for VP?


Leonard^Bloom said...

The closest I've got on any solidification on who McCain's vp is is this:,2933,411544,00.html

My aunt will be speaking at the DNC!

Diligent Terrier said...

Link to a YouTube video of your aunt after she speaks! ;)

Diligent Terrier said...

I hope McCain picks either Huckabee or Pawlenty.

RC-0722 said...

Nope. He's pickin' Joe Lieberman (which I don't think will help him any).

Leonard^Bloom said...


Huh? Wah?

Diligent Terrier said...

A wierd pick (Palin)