Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Israeli PM to resign

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I'm actually not focused on Omert here, but rather his imminent successor. Tzipi Livni has an impressive political background behind her and I find the BBC's comment on lack on military expertise to be false. However, I am unsure as to how much good she could do as PM. Livni seems far too cold to do much good in Palestinian talks and I find her far too ambitious and disloyal to her PM. She has done more than simply distance herself from Olmert, but openly lashed out at him and at the same time prop herself up as a much better candidate than him. It is my belief that she has stayed within his ministry solely to execute her power. While she has been untouched by scandal, her downright refusal to come to Olmert's aid at all (whether he is guilty or not) shows that she is unwilling to get her hands even the slightest bit dirty. As Sharon's former protégé, she is fiercely aggresive and I believe her to find scandal and compromise as and unhuman (more likely, un-Israeli) thing and one-hundred percent unacceptable. If she can downplay these, it is my hope that she isn't forced to live in Golda Meir's shadow.

I realise many of these are good in a leader but still lean slightly against her premiership, though there certainly isn't a better candidate right now.

What do you think of Livni as Prime Minister of Israel?

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Diligent Terrier said...

It sounds like this issue has the potential to split the nation more than it already is.